Electrical Wiring and Safety Testing

Fully approved Electrical Testing Services.

Fixed Installation Testing
We can carry out the testing of all the fixed wiring within your premises. This normally takes the form of a Electrical Installation condition Report (formerly refereed to as a Periodic Inspection Report), carried out for example in commercial properties every 5 years.

Fire Alarm Testing
We can carry out your annual check on your Fire Alarm system to ensure it is in full working order, and has the ability to detect a fire at the earliest possible moment, to reduce the impact upon your business.


Portable Appliance Testing:

We carry out the PAT testing of all of your appliances within your business, and ensure you abide by all Health and Safety requirements

Thermal Imaging Testing


We can carry out Thermal Imaging of any problem areas, within such essential equipment as your Distribution Boards, and Mains Panels. So without isolating essential supplies, faults due to loose connections, or excessive current being drawn, can be highlighted before they cause damage, and possible loss of power.

We recently carried out this service for a large 24 hour production plant, and were able to identify problems, and possible areas of danger without the need to isolate the equipment, or even open the panel covers, reducing the risk involved to persons from shock situations, and also reducing the inconvenience factor.

A report was drafted that demonstrated with the aid of both Infrared and normal vision digital photographs where the 'hot spots' were. This allowed the Facilities Management Team to program in essential maintenance works, and prevent the faults escalating into a power loss situation. If the fault had be left un-traced the production would have almost certainly been lost mid-run, and the works involved would have been more time consuming, and therefore more expensive, as equipment would have needed to be replaced. Speak to Jonathan Jones in Southampton Electrical Testing in Southampton

Emergency Lighting Testing


The owner or person who has control over the premises is responsible for a number of actions and tests in respect to the building's emergency lighting system, to ensure compliance in 

securing the Means of Escape under Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. We test each installed unit to certify its compliant..

We can confirm that all your emergency lights work for the full 3 hour duration (test carried out annually), and that they would provide an escape route for all your staff, visitors and public, should any emergency occur that might require their use. Monthly operational 'short duration tests' should also be carried out.

At Jonathan Jones Electrical We can offer a full range of fully certified emergency fittings, installation and testing to ensure your business conforms to all UK and European health and Safety requirements. 

We would welcome the opportunity to tender our services to your business requirements. To find out more about our specialist bespoke services why not get in contact with us today we would be delighted to hear from you.

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