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Is your company taking advantage of the savings that can be made and the versatility of LED lighting, we can assist in helping your business make the transition, show you the real advantages of both light output and savings this offers against halogen, fluorescent and tungsten lighting. Not made the switch? we would be delighted to hear from you and offer guidance and impartial advice through the process.

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High Lumen Output - Low Consumption


In an environment where energy and emissions are a hot topic, LED lighting is by far the most efficient and versatile choice when it comes to retrofit or lighting any new projects.

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100% Tax Relief

LED Low Carbon Trust Scheme for enhanced capital allowances.

To encourage business to convert to more efficient low carbon lighting there are incentives offered through enhanced capital allowances click below for more information.

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Enhanced Capital Allowances

Why Choose LED Lighting?

LED Lighting  is currently taking over the lighting technology market by storm, this is with good reasons LED bulbs are a far more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and also a cost-saving alternative to the old conventional incandescent and CFL lights.

There many reasons why both the private and public sector should upgrade to this lighting technology. You should be aware of just how much of a difference LED light bulbs can make to energy saving, sustainability and financial spending?

This investment into energy efficient LED lighting solutions is not only an environmentally correct decision it will also save £££s on your companies electricity costs.

We would be delighted to assist your business and guide you through the savings and costs involved. Contact us below for additional advice and information.

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